boy ns11
I went to Italy

girl ns2133
I went to Moscow

boy ns11
Happily living in Limassol, Cyprus

Girl, Yasmin ay25
I went to Korea

boy ns11
Living in Korea

girl ns11
I went to Thailand

girl ny25
Lives in Malaysia

boy ns11
Lives in Bulgaria, exhibitions shines not only in Bulgaria, but also in the Czech Republic, Turkey, etc.. countries

Girls ny25
Living in Korea

Our graduate Zlata, He lives in a family of friends in Belarus, color ny25 (shaded gold)

Simba boy with a unique look, color ny11
He lives in a family of friends in Belarus

Our Vanilka, color ny25
Home name Vanka
Lives in China

Our graduate lives in Malaysia, her madly loved and pampered.
Homemade Kitty name. Color ay25 longhaired

Our pets with new loving masters

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